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ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor 3.3

A suite of tools mainly intended to boost system performance
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ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor is a suite of tools mainly intended to boost system performance. Moreover, it can also help preserve your privacy and security. The program has a nice interface with tabs labeled Home, Optimize, Disk and Settings, which facilitates the navigation through its multiple features. It deserves mentioning that you can even start a scan of various system areas with a single click or customize the Home tab according to your preferences.

Like most optimizers, this program places emphasis on cleaning the Registry from corrupt and obsolete entries. In this respect, it can find errors such as missing shared DLLs, defective application paths and incomplete uninstall entries. After problems have been detected, you are allowed to select the ones you want to fix. It is a real shame that this will not happen unless you register the software.

The product can also have an impact on browser performance by allowing removal of needless extensions. However, this should be done manually and you do not get any information as to which are considered important or not. Likewise, the tool provides you with a list of running processes, of which you can terminate those you consider unnecessary. Again, no information is given to help you make a better-informed decision.

In relation to privacy and optimization of the available storage space, the program can scan your disks to find junk, duplicate and temporary files. It also deletes private data, such as Internet history, used passwords and credentials. Similarly, you can use it to defragment your disks and increase their performance. Fortunately, it allows scheduling registry scans and disk defragging to take place automatically with a given frequency or at a certain time.

In short, ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor performs various actions that help you keep your system healthy and protected. Regrettably, its real impact on performance cannot be sensed without purchasing its full edition. In this regard, I inform you that there are many tools of the same type available out there, some even for free. Thus, I recommend you try some and see which one works best for you.

Pedro Castro
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  • Scans various Registry areas
  • Defrags hard disks
  • Finds duplicate files
  • Allows disabling unneeded browser extensions
  • Lets you terminate unwanted processes
  • Wipes private data


  • The trial version does not allow measuring its real impact on performance
  • Does not provide information as to the different browser extensions and processes
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